Organizer: Crystal Henrickson

Crystal is someone who makes things happen. A Community Engagement Strategist, she's also a producer and instructor. And to top it off, she loves to cook!

A natural connector, Crystal is the co-owner of Vancouver's Talent Collective where she serves as a career matchmaker. She specializes in finding talented people with a knack for community and marketing - which perfectly explains why Freelance Friday in Vancouver is always a huge success.

About Freelance Friday, Vancouver

Freelance Friday's lone Canadian Chapter, Vancouver has been hosting epic meetups since 2015. Drawing people from various tech, creative and marketing disciplines, get togethers have taken place everywhere from standard coworking spaces to haunts like Cartem's Donuts (yum!).

Stay up to date with Vancouver and bookmark the next meetup by checking the event calendar. We can't wait to meet you.